Dear Jonathan Coulton,*

We love you! That is, we love your music… and you, by proxy. “We” are Dave, Lawrence, Chuck & Adam, aka The Real Numbers.

Toiling away in the tech mines of San Francisco, we daydream of the perfect song. By night, we craft San Francisco’s finest power pop in the hopes that someone will notice, nod their head and smile.

We write goofy, catchy songs about lovable monsters…

We struggle with awkward relationships…

And awkward loneliness…

We are such geeks that we wrote a one-minute anthem for San Francisco’s most beloved bicycle route…

We’re sometimes baffled by the crazy web world around us full of people who thirst for fame and recognition…

Maybe we’ll never actually be ‘Internet Famous’, but it’d still be super-awesome if we found out that one of our biggest musical heroes actually liked our songs. We think you might like our songs. We hope like our songs.

If you do, you could make our year by email us to say hello: [email protected].

The Real Numbers

PS: We also love comic books (almost as much as we love music) which is why we decided to kick in for the Code Monkey Save World project!

*PPS: If you’re reading this and you’re not actually Jonathan Coulton, that’s ok – we’d still like to hear from you! You can leave a comment below, send us an email or “Like” us on Facebook!

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