The Real Numbers, purveyors of San Francisco’s finest power pop, are pleased to release our fourth (and likely final) album, “THANK YOU!”

Eight years in the making, this collection of tunes spans an era of moves and marriages, births and critical hard drive failures. Two simple words of gratitude we have for so much in our lives. For our health. For our families. For music. And for all of you who have supported us and enjoyed our music over the past 16(!?) years. So THANK YOU!

The Real Numbers is the musical collaboration of Dave Ambrose and Lawrence Grodeska. Part power pop, part geek rock, we specialize in well-crafted compositions with powerful hooks, lush chords, smart lyrics and heaps of harmony. Rounding out the lineup are pop maestro Chuck Lindo on bass and harmonies, and rock powerhouse Robert John Tucker keeping the beat.

Over the course of countless club gigs in San Francisco’s indie music scene, we’ve released three albums of original music (and the odd cover song). Our video PSA for San Francisco’s best bicycle route, “Do the Wiggle!,” has been viewed over 21,000 times on Youtube.

“THANK YOU” almost didn’t see the light of day. After tracking 90% of instruments and vocals, the unthinkable happened. A hard drive failed – A REDUNDANT hard drive system, mind you – and we lost most of what we had recorded. Licking our wounds, time passed and Dave and Lawrence each started families and became parents. Life rolled on and Chuck moved back to St. Louis. Then Dave moved back to Denver. Then Rob moved to Florida. And then a global pandemic happened.

Through it all though, we knew this music was too good to give up on, so hope persevered. With a lot of late nights in the home studios, and a few flights to Studio Punch-Up! (the Nashville home of our friend and long-time engineer-producer Andy Freeman) a new album began to take shape. We invited some of our friends and musical heroes to lend a hand.  Lo and behold, the tunes sounded even better, with improved arrangements and lots of extra splash in all the right places. Check these incredible guests:

  • Roger Joseph Manning Jr. (Jellyfish, Beck, The Moog Cookbook, Lickerish Quartet)
  • Tim Smith (Jellyfish, World Party, The Finn Brothers, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds and more)
  • Kelly Atkins (20 Minute Loop, Kitka)
  • Michael Klooster (Smash Mouth, Klooster)
  • Chris Hatfield (Love Axe, Those Transatlantics)

In the end, we’re super proud of this last hurrah, and can’t thank you enough – all of the friends and family and fellow artists that have listened to our music and supported us through the years. To you all, we say THANK YOU, and hope you enjoy this music from our hearts. It’s been a blast.