Powerpopaholic review of “Welcome to the Numberhood”

Yowza! Apparently we were sleeping at the wheel this fall, because the good folks at Powerpopaholic posted a very kind review of Welcome to the Numberhood in October. Check it out…

This local San Francisco quartet released a short sweet album full of quirky melodic rock, and they cite Fastball and Fountains of Wayne as primary influences. “My Ugly Face” opens things up with a sharp guitar rhythm and a killer hook in the melody. Plenty of great pop energy here reminded me of John Faye’s band IKE in their early days. This feeling really comes through on “Silent Box,” lead by Dave Ambrose’s buzzsaw riffs. Lawrence Grodeska gives each track an ernest vocal, and at times like on “Numbers Game” it compares well to The Barenaked Ladies. Not every song here sticks however, and songs like “Rock n’ Roll Waits For No One” sound overly forced. But the band also does a nice lounge styled cover of “Hopelessy Devoted To You” and the ballad “New Of The Day” is a highly enjoyable composition. Overall a solid effort that deserves your attention.

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