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“1-2-3-4-5” in top 5 EPs of 2013!

We’re honored that David Bash of International Pop Overthrow fame included “1-2-3-4-5” as one of the top 5 EPs of 2013!

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Our new CD & party at the Red Devil!

We know it’s been a while but we have some big news to share. Drum roll, please…..we’re putting the finishing touches on our second album! As such, The Real Numbers would like to cordially invite you to a long overdue celebration

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Powerpop Underground Review of “Welcome to the Numberhood”

Lo and behold! On the heels of the first review of Welcome to the Numberhood, here is another review, this time from Matt Whitby at the venerable Powerpop Underground…

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Powerpopaholic review of “Welcome to the Numberhood”

Yowza! Apparently we were sleeping at the wheel this fall, because the good folks at Powerpopaholic posted a very kind review of Welcome to the Numberhood in October. Check it out…

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